I love Harley-Davidsons, especially its patented rumble. So, in my PanHead series I write about characters who love their Harleys as much as their friends and family. One of the main features of my characters is that most of them must have a sense of humor. When writing these stories, it’s important to help lighten the readers load with some laughter, even if it’s only for a little while.

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Enjoy the goings-on with the group at PanHead Custom Harley Shop & Motorcycle Repair. You can’t help but fall in love with this group of men and women. Their smart mouth and quirky sense of humor will always get you.

In this first book of the PanHead Group series, Hunter Clark, had resigned to the fact he would only have two women in his life, his sister and aunt and he was fine with that. He sure in the hell wasn’t expecting another woman to change what he thought his fated life would be.

Stephanie Pierce, was at a crossroad in her life. Recently quitting her graphic design job that she loved only because her supervisor hands thought her butt was his to play with—until she punched him in the face. Her life had consisted of her career, family, and her Harley-Davidson. And that was it. She was happy and didn’t think she needed anything else. But when she practically ran into Hunter Clark at his shop – Fate took over.

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Living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, A.B. Cone, enjoys the peacefulness of the redwoods with her husband. She enjoys her small group of friends and especially loves hanging with people that love to laugh. 

Loves her San Jose Sharks team when she is not yelling at the TV during a game. And even enjoys a slower paced game of baseball with her Oakland A’s.

She will always try to steer her writing towards humor. Since reality from the evening news is depressing enough for anyone. Her escape is watching movies, reading her favorite romantic and paranormal novels, along with writing them. But when she’s not doing any of those things she just enjoying her family.